Центрально-Евразийский венчурный форум для инвесторов и стартапов
Welcome to CEVF Retreat
What is CEVF Retreat?
It is an exclusive continuation of the Central Asian Venture Forum, designed to deepen discussions and foster collaborations among leaders in venture capital and private equity. This invitation-only event offers unparalleled opportunities to engage with experts and peers in a profoundly impactful setting.
Why you should attend?
Dive deep into the trends and strategies shaping the future of venture capital.
Intellectual Engagement
Philosophical walks and structured outdoor mastermind sessions stimulate both body and mind, enhancing the learning experience.
Unique Format
Connect with like-minded professionals in an intimate setting, building relationships that go beyond the conventional conference environment. Our peer-to-peer sessions are perfect for forging deep connections and exploring potential collaborations.
Networking and Collaboration
Embrace the local culture and landscape as part of the retreat experience. From sunrise yoga sessions to scenic hikes, CEVF Retreat integrates the spirit of adventure with intellectual pursuit.
Cultural Immersion
Sessions format:
Mastermind sessions are led by experienced facilitators who not only lead the dialogue, but also help participants to understand complex issues, explore new ideas and develop strategic approaches. Facilitators help participants articulate their thoughts, relate them to the experiences of others and steer the discussion towards concrete, practical outcomes.
Peer-to-peer sessions focus on sharing experiences between participants as equals. They allow participants to share unique knowledge and practical skills in a more intimate, informal setting. Facilitators here play a key role in facilitating the dialogue, helping participants to stay on track and reach consensus on issues where opinions may differ.
The retreat will be held in Open Air format at Clever Event Recreation Area. Guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature of Almaty and breathe fresh air away from the noise of the city.
Preliminary Program
  • 15:00 Arrival at "Clever" zone, Almaty

  • 15:30 Lunch and informal networking

  • 16:30 Opening mastermind session: "Integrating Innovations in Traditional Industries"

  • 18:00 Breakout groups for specialized discussions

  • 19:30 Dinner featuring local Kazakh cuisine

  • 20:30 Evening campfire: Networking and cultural music
Day 1: Arrival and Welcome
  • 05:30 Sunrise yoga session

  • 06:30 Early breakfast

  • 08:00 Guided hike for philosophical discussions and reflection

  • 12:00 Return and personal time for packing

  • 13:00 Check-out

  • 13:30 Lunch

  • 14:30 Closing mastermind session: "Venture Trends and Strategies"

  • 16:00 Departure back to the city
Day 2: Exploration and Insight
CEVF Retreat free basic ticket includes:
  • Transfer

  • Lunch and dinner

  • Yoga practice

  • Regular tent for 2 persons

  • Programme with Mastermind and Peer-to-peer sessions
You can upgrade your Regular tent to Glamping for 2 persons tent for an extra 50,000 tenge.
Contact information
For questions regarding tickets and invoices:
+7 707 552 33 18

For questions regarding sponsorship packages:
+7 702 351 02 61

For questions regarding participation in Startup Alley:
+7 702 710 72 70

For questions regarding the media and media partners:
+7 702 351 02 61

Legal address:
Office 124, 38 Mangilik El Ave, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan
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